Day 102: on pet peeves

All things human.

Day 100: on works in progress

Do the WIP.

Day 99: on fantastic comparisons

Algebra never tasted so good.

Day 98: on fantasy, part 8

The Final Fantasy (don't sue me).

Day 97: on paved roads

We're always walking on roads paved by others.

Day 95: on fantasy, part 7

Close. Getting real close.

Day 91: on fantasy, part 6

Neverending fantasy.

Day 90: on fantasy, part 5

We're reaching our fantastic destination.

Day 89: on fantasy, part 4

Never too late to jump on the fantasy train.

Day 88: on fantasy, part 3

Settle in for the fantasy ride.

Day 87: on fantasy, part 2

Moar Fantasy.

Day 86: on fantasy, part 1

Welcome to our fantasy land.

Day 85: on nesting

Cannot read property 'x' of undefined

Day 84: on reflection

Looking back.

Day 83: on Tetrising

Did you know Tetris pieces have names?

Day 81: on origins

I present to you, the codesmith.

Day 80: on pridefulness

Pride can be a great thing. Being prideful is not.

Day 79: on Properties, part 2

Test my properties.

Day 78; on Algebras, part 5

Hardcore Mathing.

Day 77: on Algebras, part 4

My Algebras bring all the maths to the yard.

Day 76: on specialness

Truth be told: We're not that special.

Day 73: on updates, part 3

Here be even more updates!

Day 72: on nixing

Kann Nix?

Day 71: on Algebras, part 3

You thought you could escape the might of the maths?

Day 70: on Algebras, part 2

Moar Maths!

Day 69: on Algebras, part 1

All hail the mighty math.

Day 68: on bias

We're scared, so our minds bias us to stay in safe places.

Day 67: on launches

Visit our page! Link inside.

Day 66: on fairness

We've built an unfair system, and now we struggle to make sense of it.

Day 65: on certainty

Some things need remain uncertain.

Day 64: on craft

Go to SoCraCan

Day 61: on properties, part 1

Testing properties that do the things.

Day 58: on updates, part 2

Here be updates! Again.

Day 57: on decisions

All things are tradeoffs.

Day 56: on legacy

Why you hatin on legacy?

Day 55: on alphabets

Everything is foreign, until you visit it.

Day 48: on problems

It is always a people problem.

Day 46: on power

Power to the people.

Day 45: on safety

We'll do anything we can to avoid uncertainty. And that's a good thing.

Day 44: on updates, part 1

Here be updates!

Day 43: on teaching

Teaching is hard. Really hard.

Day 42: on Retrospection

Talk to people, listen to people, act. Repeat.

Day 40: on bad tests

Good test, bad test

Day 39: on ethics

Ethics for the modern dev.

Day 38: on productivity

Being or feeling productive?

Day 37: on possibility, part 1

There may be something here.

Day 36: on feedback, part 2

Give happiness.

Day 35: on Unconfs

All the people, all the talks.

Day 31: on books, part 2

Apprenticeship Patterns.

Day 30: on feedback

We all need to hear from others.

Day 29: on awesomeness

Awesome people, doing awesome things.

Day 28: on mentors

How does the lack of a mentor sound like?

Day 27: on books, part 1

The software Crafter (not man)

Day 26: on words

Did I say I like words?

Day 25: on people

Care for the people, for there's no-one else.

Day 24: one month in

Look at the time, how it flies.

Day 23: on gatekeeping

Nothing good ever came of keeping people out.

Day 21: on Haskelling

I Has Kell.

Day 20: on failure

How do we fail at the stuff that we fail.

Day 19: on actualization


Day 18: on language

Learn words, in all the languages that have words.

Day 17: on triangles

Triangles are my favourite shape.

Day 16: on optimism

Optimistically updating all the things.

Day 15: on silver

TDD is great. Probably.

Day 14: on divination

The future belongs in the future.

Day 13: on dumbness

Being the worst is not that bad.

Day 12: on exploring

Like Dora! Only the target language is JavaScript and everyone is crying.

Day 11: on mastery

The long road to mastery.

Day 10: on white belts

Wearing all the white belts.

Day 9: on goodness

The good place. Not that one.

Day 8: on motivation

Keeping ourselves motivated.

Day 7: on debt and legacy

Legacy is a good word everywhere else.

Day 6: on learning

Learning how we learn.

Day 5: on technical debt

How do we know what our current debt is?

Day 4: on practice

We doin katas now.

Day 3: on language and ignorance

It can be, at times, reassuring to find out you don't know something.

Day 2: on doing

Doing the things that do the things.

The first day

Let it all begin.