Day 78; on Algebras, part 5

Hardcore Mathing.

Day 77: on Algebras, part 4

My Algebras bring all the maths to the yard.

Day 76: on specialness

Truth be told: We're not that special.

Day 73: on updates, part 3

Here be even more updates!

Day 72: on nixing

Kann Nix?

Day 71: on Algebras, part 3

You thought you could escape the might of the maths?

Day 70: on Algebras, part 2

Moar Maths!

Day 69: on Algebras, part 1

All hail the mighty math.

Day 68: on bias

We're scared, so our minds bias us to stay in safe places.

Day 67: on launches

Visit our page! Link inside.