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Day 58: on updates, part 2

Published 6 Apr 2018

Following up with the trend of #️⃣updateFriday, I had an update to my self assessment this week. At the very beginning of the Apprenticeship, I filled an assessment excel spreadsheet which is based on the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition and I was extremely critical of myself. I remember thinking:

if I’m here to learn, it doesn’t make sense that I assume I already know things.

That lead me to fill the assessment with brutal honesty, which meant there were a lot of Novice and Advanced Beginner marks on the file. I had to constantly remind myself that it was fine, and expected to not know everything. That this was a safe space where I had come to learn, not to already know everything. It still wasn’t easy though.


During these week’s update, I could give a visual form to a feeling I’ve had the past few weeks: I really have come a long way. This was represented in how I could honestly believe in my own knowledge to move some topics a peg or 2 up in the self assessment sheet. And the nice thing about that, is that there are still a lot of topics on a Novice level, so it doesn’t take my focus away on the even longer road ahead of me. There’s nothing like learning something new to give you a taste of all you have yet to learn.

In other topics, I have an update to the knowledge gap list 🎉

  • TC39 ➡ I took the time to read through a lot of resources on how the Javascript language is being built. I also went through the entire issue / discussion thread on a proposal, and it made me aware of the huge effort that it takes to build a language. There are a lot of people involved, doing great work for the sake of us all.

Asides from that, I have one last learning I’d like to share:

Small plates

You know that piece of advice that goes like:

If you use a smaller plate, you will eat less.


Studies have shown that eating chips with your off hand makes you eat less chips in total.

Well, turns out they are quite useful if you bring them to a self-organization context (morphed a bit though).

The 2 weeks before this one I felt like I had too much on my plate and didn’t end up getting enough done. After an Agile Basics Workshop we had at the office, I decided to try and have a smaller plate, which could only fit one task at a time. Long story short, I achieved a lot more this week compared to the last 2, and I will continue using this method of planning my time.

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