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Day 73: on updates, part 3

Published 27 Apr 2018

It’s #updateFriday and we all know what that means. Here’s the current list of topics I should be working on:

  • DevOpsDevOps became Infrastructure, because I realized I had been using the term wrongly all this time. So, that was the first learning and a very important one at that. The second part, is that I worked on building and deploying a service to HC’s infrastructure, which forced me to understand a lot more about what goes on behind the hood. I’m no expert by any means, and I wouldn’t even consider myself proficient at anything related yet, but from my starting point of nothing, the current state feels really good.
  • NoSQL ❌ Still hasn’t happened, but that’s fine. There are only so many hours to a day after all.
  • Next CSS ❌ I haven’t focused on CSS yet, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it.
  • Custom Elements ✅ Thanks to Wolfram, I know have a really good grasp of what Custom Elements are and how they can change the way we build web applications. The future does really look exciting.

As you can see, not the best of completion rate, but not that bad either, considering that other things happened as well:

  • Algebras ➡ I remember why I liked Math when I was a kid. It’s because of that feeling of elation you get when you understand a concept and see everything with different eyes. In my case, it happened by finally understanding what a Monoid is, and in turn opening the door for a lot of possibilities on further Algebraic Structures.
  • Nix ➡ Like Tobias calls it, I dipped my toes into the weirdly fascinating world of Nix. It’s weird because it’s like an acquired taste. It creates a lot of rejection at first because it has a very steep learning curve, but at the same time, when you realize what’s at the peak of that curve, it makes you want to get there, or at least give it a try.


Here’s the new list, in all its glory:

  • NoSQL
  • Next CSS
  • OSS ➡ It’s time.
  • Public Speaking ➡ It’s time ^ 2.

Learning new things is addictive. It makes you crave more, and at the same time it opens your eyes to how much there still is there to learn. It’s like starting out with a puddle that the more water you take out, the bigger it gets until it’s an ocean. Then you realize, no-one is meant to know everything and you stop feeling bad for what you don’t know. Instead, you get excited at all the things you can continue learning and studying.

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