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Day 64: on craft

Published 16 Apr 2018

Last week, I attended SoCraCan along with Wolfram and Tobias, and if I had to explain the experience in just one sentence, it would have to be:

This was my first SoCraTes conference, but I’m 100% convinced it won’t be the last.

Here are the reasons why I will keep attending these conferences.


I’m a firm believer that Software Development doesn’t have Software Problems. It has People Problems. Therefore, the most important part about any conversation regarding Software (and anything else, really) is the people.

SoCraCan is all about community, union and respect. It’s about the idea that very different people from all kinds of places and backgrounds can come together and align on the values of Software Craft. And as such, it places all importance on the attendees. Starting with the fact that, as an Open Space style of conference, it doesn’t enforce a schedule or agenda. It’s the people, and the people only who decide what happens at every step of the way. Pair this with the honesty that can only be found in such a safe environment, and you have a recipe for greatness. And it is great.


During the 2 days of the gathering, Tobias kept repeating one phrase that perfectly encapsulates the warmness I felt while at Gran Canaria:

I keep coming back to SoCraTes conferences, because the people here feel like my family. It’s like going home.

That’s how people acted, and anyone new was immediately infected by it. I quickly learned I could trust anyone and expose my ideas without any fear of judgement or scorn.


It all circles back to respect. At the very core of the SoCraTes community, lies the idea that respecting others is, and will always be, the most important thing. And it’s truly joyful to see a group of people, sometimes complete strangers coming together and being embraced by the underlying culture of the group. This is a culture that any company should be jealous of. Scratch that, it is a culture that any company should be actively trying to achieve. And I’m grateful to be a part of it.

It may seem like I’m consciously leaving the negative parts for the end, and that would be true. So, here goes, the only negative thing I can say about SoCraCan: it ended. But I arrived back to the real world after a couple days of meeting wonderful people, with a head full of ideas, learnings, chaotic musings and creative energy. It’s safe to assume that, like my wife would surely tell you, I will be talking about these 2 days for weeks to come.

I recommend anyone, regardless of experience or background to attend to a SoCraTes conference. It is with complete certainty that I assure everyone that does it, that they will never regret it.

![SoCraCan ending reunion](/img/socracan.jpg) _Final Retrospective_

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