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Day 44: on updates, part 1

Posted on 2 mins read

Today marks the start of a new trend in this apprenticeship blog. A while ago, I posted a list of 5 things I didn’t know anything about, but should probably know. Here’s an update on that list:

  • Bash ✅ I studied, I learned I practiced. I can no longer say I’m completely ignorant in Bash.
  • DevOps ❌ I haven’t seriously sat down to gather knowledge on this topic and practice upon it, so it’ll stay on the list.
  • Visual Regression Testing / Headless Browser Testing ✅ I spent an entire day researching and talking to others about this topic. Only Thin that’s missing is a blog post on it.
  • NoSQL ❌ Not really NoSQL, but I started looking into GraphQL today, it’s something 🤷‍♀️
  • Next CSS ❌ Last CSS I did was a hack on an already hacked codebase. Not my proudest moment.

Now, I know this looks bad, but I’ve learned a lot of other things, you’re just gonna have to trust me on it. But, since updating oneself is a constant, never-ending process, here’s the new list of 5 things I don’t know about.

  • DevOps ➡ This one’s coming off the list next week, pinky swear.
  • NoSQL ➡ This will work as a reminder that I definitely need to give this topic a deep dive.
  • Next CSS ➡ My CSS needs some love.
  • Custom Elements ➡ This is the most exciting thing that’s happening in terms of a reusable, composable web and I need to learn a lot more about it.
  • TC39 ➡ The people in this group and its contributors shape the future of the language I use on a daily basis. It’s time to be aware of how it actually works and not just get things handed to me.
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